About Us

This is a picture of a lawn care services.Our lawns play a large role in the overall appearance of our property and the best possible way to maximize that aesthetic and the general health of our lawns is to look to a professional lawn care service. In the Lexington area, the experts at Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service have been bringing quality lawn care to the city for many years and have the means to bring you the best possible results no matter the ideal you have in mind. From lawn mowing to pest control and more, you have the capability to handle any aspect involved in getting the best looking, and greenest property in the area.

We also bring you the means to handle any of the additional landscaping options you have on your property, with professional tree trimming, hedge trimming, crabgrass control and so much more. Our experts bring you a wide variety of areas of expertise in order to ensure that when you make the call to our offices for your needs, that you have the best in the business on the task.

We present you with an easily accessible means of contact, the capability to quickly schedule your services, and the reliable arrival time that works with your schedule. When you need dependable lawn care to cover any of your property needs, you can count on Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service to be there for you, with the most experienced lawn care professionals in the city at work for you.

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