Grub Control

This is a picture of a grub.Though many of us may be more familiar with cartoon and movie grubs, not really thinking that they can present an issue as close to home as our own lawn, their presence is a real problem locally.

Getting the right lawn care company bringing you the capability to deal with these pests effectively and affordably brings you the means to save time and money, and to keep your lawn looking great with the expert treatment that Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service provides.

Why Grubs Are a Problem

White grubs are local to the Lexington area. These smaller, white, U-shaped grubs burrow beneath the surface of your lawn and begin feeding on the roots of your grass. With enough of these grubs in one location, or spread out across your lawn, you can find signs of their presence as you start to notice dead and dying patches within your lawn.

Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service brings you the insect control services you need to handle these invaders completely, and to provide your lawn the safe space needed for it to grow green lush and healthy.

Natural Protection

When choosing your local lawn care service to provide you with the grub control measures you need, knowing that they are providing you with the outcome you need while protecting the rest of your property is important. We use only the highest quality grub control products on your lawn to ensure that you get the results you’re looking for without having to worry about any potential side effects on your lawn.

We are dedicated to bringing you the results you need while providing your lawn the care and attention required to keep it looking beautiful and growing strong.

Targeted Effect

The products that we bring to your lawn in order to provide the grub control you need are specially formulated to bring you the targeted effect required to get at grubs where they are. This product seeps into your lawn to the grass roots and trains its sights on the grubs located there to eliminate their presence without any additional side-effects to your lawn.

When you make the choice to bring in the expertise of Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service, you can depend on your local lawn care company to bring the experience and expertise needed for quality results you can count on.

Save Time & Money

Dealing with grubs at the first sign of their presence is a great way to protect your lawn and your wallet. When left unchecked, these little invaders can do damage to a large swath of your property and require much more intensive lawn care in order to reverse these effects.

When you choose to call in the experienced services of Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service for your needs, you can be sure that we provide you with tried and tested control measures that will see to your lawn care needs, and bring you the grub control you require for a beautiful lawn.