Landscaping Services

Lawn Care of Lexington strives to give you the most beautiful landscaping possible at your home. We can provide a wide array of options when designing and enhancing your landscaping! When choosing us as your lawn care professional, not only do we offer an expert service but also allow our customers control over how their property looks through customizable design services that suit every budget.


We work with you to create an attractive landscape that will enhance the aesthetics of your property while fitting into what you can afford. Our professional designers and installers are experts in their field, so we understand the attention to detail that goes into creating a beautiful space without breaking the bank!


We’re the team to turn your outdoor dreams into reality. With our expertise and skill, we can create anything you want — from a stunning hardscape or other features like waterfalls for that perfect vibe! We’ll help ensure every detail is just right, so when it comes time, enjoy spending quality time outdoors all year round with friends & family in tow.