Landscaping Service Company

Great landscaping done by Landscape EnhancementsAt Landscape Enhancements, we strive to bring you the most beautiful views of your home as we possibly can. We can provide a wide array of options as far as design and installation go for your new enhancements!

When choosing Landscape Enhancements as your lawn care professionals, you have the means to have a say in the design and execution of your landscaping. No matter the service, we have the expertise needed for the best possible property aesthetic.


We work with the customer to professionally design an appealing landscape that will enhance the aesthetics of their rental property while fitting their budget. Our professional landscape builders will then completely install the new landscape and handle the process from beginning to end, leaving you a new landscape to be proud of.

When you need expertise and quality, you can count on the experts at Landscape Enhancements to provide.


We install paver patios, driveways, and sidewalks as well as customized firepits and outdoor kitchens for you to enjoy.  We also install retaining walls using only high-quality materials to build a wall that will withstand the elements.

We have the wide variety you want to choose between different materials and features to have your services carried out by the lawn care company the residents of the Lexington area rely on.


When looking for a lawn care service that provides an expertise in so many different areas of landscaping, look no further than Landscape Enhancements!