Lawn Care Services

Seeing our homes surrounded by beautiful, lush and green lawns gives us a feeling of serenity. When it comes to providing this picturesque appearance to our property, having the right lawn care company at your disposal is key, and Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service has been the local area service provider for many years.

When looking for a combination of capability and experience, looking to our lawn care professionals bring you the means to handle any aspect of your lawn care needs.

Rental Property Landscaping mowers can be hired or done yourself.

Lawn Mowing

One of the most effective ways to keep your lawn looking great is to ensure that you are getting a proper lawn mowing schedule. If you find that having a lawn care service carry this task out for you makes maintaining your lawn simpler and more effective, you can count on Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service to provide.

We bring you a lawn mower service that will allow you the means to set your schedule and ensure that every part of your lawn is cared for. We bring you the thorough and attentive service you need for the best results.

Grass Control

There are many species of grass used to give us the lawn appearance we’re looking for yet coupled in that are many species that invade on otherwise healthy grasses and take over your lawn. Whether you need crabgrass control, Bermuda grass control or otherwise, you can be sure that we have the means to bring you effective results while maintaining the health and life of your desired grass.

No matter the size of your lawn, the size of the encroachment of a species in question or otherwise, you can count on our experts to bring you results you can count on.

Lawn Seeding

In order to provide your property, the extra boost when it comes to grass growing, the right seeding can make all the difference. Coupling this service with professional lawn aeration at the start of the growing season can bring your property the means to the best possible growth throughout the spring and summer.

When looking for effective and quality seeding for your property, you can count on your local lawn care company to bring you the professional touch needed to have effective treatment brought to your property. No matter the species, we have the seeding services you need.

Full-Property Services

Not only do we bring you the best in aeration, seeding, fertilizing and lawn mower services, but also have the means to provide you with the capable services that will tend to all of the other landscaping greenery in place as well.