Lawn Seeding & Lawn Aeration Service

This is a picture of a lawn.One of the most effective ways to have a healthy lawn, is ensuring that you get the right seeding services carried out for trouble spots and providing the means to keep your growth controlled and protected.

When choosing Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service as your lawn care professionals, you have the means to effective preparation, seeding and aftercare needed to ensure that you get a green and healthy lawn as a result. No matter the service, we have the expertise needed for the best possible property aesthetic.


One of the most effective ways to prompt proper growing prior to seeding on your property is to provide a professional aeration service. This lawn care service is used to provide planting pockets across your lawn, and to give the most effective means of watering and fertilization. We have the means to carry out this service in the spring, prior to growing season, or in the fall to ensure that your next growing season starts off on the right foot.

When you need expertise and quality, you can count on the experts at Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service to provide.

Lawn Seeding

Of course, the key ingredient in our lawn seeding service is providing the quality seed you require. No matter the species of grass you have currently on your lawn, or the grass type you’re looking for in order to start a lawn on a bare tract, you can count on Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service to have the means to bring you the best in the city.

We have the selection in variety you need to lay out a growth plan, and to have your services carried out by the lawn care company the residents of the Lexington area rely on.


In order to bring the most effective level of feed and nutrients to your growing grass, the proper fertilizer plays a key role. When looking for the right fertilizer, a specific blend made especially for the species of grass on your property is important. This is where the knowledge and experience of Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service shines, knowing what your particular lawn needs and how to get the best result.

When looking for a lawn care service that brings you more than a basic level of knowledge, you can count on your local professionals to bring you results.

Weed Control

There are various types of weeds that can call your lawn its home and knowing how to effectively treat these invasive species while maintaining the life and health of your lawn is key in providing the best results. Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service has been the lawn care company of choice in the city for years and it’s through that experience and dedication to results that we have amassed the skills necessary to bring you the results you can count on when it comes to weed control. No matter the service that benefits your lawn, you can count on our expert touch.