Save Your Money!

Spring is here! It’s time for warm weather and sunshine, so you need to get your lawn back in shape again. There might be lots of things to do, but with the right timing, proper planning, and a bit of landscaping maintenance, you can make an attractive environment that can help make your lawn stand out from the neighborhood.

You might think that creating a stunning, lush lawn can only be attained if you spend a lot of money, but you can still own the most beautiful yard in the neighborhood while at the same time spending far less on it than what you can imagine. Sure, there might be some ideas that could cost you a bit more upfront, but the long-term savings very much exceed the initial cost.

These helpful lawn care tips will end up saving you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars as an initial expense or in the years to come.

Prepare Your Garden

Garden seedlings to be planted in a freshly aerated lawn.
If you don’t have a vegetable garden yet, now is the time to start having one! Choose first where you would like to have your garden and mow the grass. Cover the area after with many layers of newspaper; then, you can put some leaves and mulch as much as you can to the top. Water the whole area using a hose. Your Space will be free from grass and primed for planting.

You can also use an aerator, and punch small holes in the area that the water, fertilizers, and oxygen can reach to the grassroots. Choose a day when the soil is not soaked and damp so the aerator can work well.

Start Seeds From Scratch

Lawn seeding done by a lawn care specialist.
To save some cash, avoid buying cardboard seed starters from the garden store. You can always use toilet paper and paper towel tubes or a cardboard egg carton. The paper tubes need to be cut in halves, then lay them on a tray, while the egg tray can be used as it is.

Add a bit of soil in every section, put in a warm, moist spot (it’s not necessary to get any light), and wait for the seeds to sprout. Remember that it needs regular watering. You can also start seeds using a sponge. If it’s a bit of a challenge for you, you can always ask help from lawn seeding experts.

Keep Birds Away from the Fresh Seeded Lawn

Using a scarecrow doesn’t always work to scare birds from feasting on your newly seeded lawn, so try this contemporary equivalent before you start calling lawn seeding specialists. Put stakes at the four corners of the spot you want to protect. You need to cut two pieces of strings that could extend diagonally to form an X across the area. Along the lines, tie one-inch strips of aluminum foil on every one foot or two. The breeze will keep the aluminum foils flapping and scaring away seed invaders.

Easy DIY Lawn Fertilizer

Lawn fertilizing is not an easy task. But did you know that Epsom salts are one of the best natural resources when performing lawn fertilizing? Epsom salts include sulfur and magnesium, which are both highly useful to grass.

Epsom salts can be used as lawn fertilizer.Sulfur helps with chlorophyll (the substance that plants produce from sunlight to feed themselves), while at the same time advancing the effects of other fertilizer components such as potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. It also prevents particular pests like ground worms.

Meanwhile, magnesium kick-starts seed germination and is also a key component in creating chlorophyll.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder that savvy lawn fertilizing experts also use Epsom salts for years. You can either make a liquid mixture out of them by adding some water and placing the solution in a spray bottle or sprinkling the Epsom salt right away on your lawn.

For any other assistance for lawn seeding and lawn care, you can always contact Lawn Care Lexington.