Lawn Care

Admit it; spring can be both a blessing and a curse in some ways. For starters, it feels good to finally wake up to the weather when your joints aren’t aching from the cold. But then again, there’s the dreaded but much-needed spring cleaning of your home.

Spring cleaning can be a tremendous task and may drag on for days. The key to successfully manage cleaning your home lies in a complete checklist and a well-planned process: where to start and how to go on about it.

Going over the inside of your home and your yard can get too much to deal with altogether, so here’s what you can do.

Always start with your lawn.

Since winter is over, you would want to take advantage of the growing season, and to do this, you must begin with getting your yard ready for planting. As soon as the last trace of snow is gone, you can start inspecting your yard for any potential damage brought about by the previous season. Remove debris such as twigs and branches, but make sure that the ground has dried before you go about raking all the leaves. Doing so prevents any damage to the roots. Furthermore, your lawn should be prepped up and in good condition to ensure that whatever you plant in it, whether shrubs or perennials, will thrive and grow up well. There are a couple of ways to do this.

Lawn mowing is the most basic way of caring for your lawn. Whether you plan to turn your yard into a beautiful garden or keep the long grass at bay, lawn mowing is the way to go. And there’s a whole science to it. Always make sure that you do your lawn mowing when the grass is dry so that you don’t damage the grass blades. Torn grass blades have the potential to catch diseases.

To further make sure that your soil is healthy, try fertilizing your lawn. It is advised to do lawn fertilizing later in spring to replenish the carbohydrates in the roots. You can either go with chemical or organic fertilizer, but always make sure to go for a fertilizer that releases nitrogen slowly, not overdo application, and only apply sparingly. This would help your grass store the carbohydrates that would encourage their growth for the next spring. Also, always make sure that your grass gets all the nitrogen and phosphorus it needs to stay healthy and prevent rotting.

If you’re thinking of doing lawn seeding, you can choose to do so as well. Lawn seeding is highly encouraged for lawns that have bare patches and damaged areas. However, if you want to upgrade the look and health of your lawn, lawn seeding can also do wonders. Seeding your lawn is not as easy as it seems, as a lot of technical aspects have to be considered, like having to do it in the late fall instead of in spring, so there is more precipitation and less needed-watering on your end.

It isn’t very easy to learn the scientific facets of planting and growing grass, that’s why you should never hesitate to reach out to the professionals. To ensure that your lawn is getting what it needs, you can ask help from people who have expertise in the field. Consult with Lawn Care Lexington for the best lawn care services in Kentucky. We offer services that would transform your lawn from lame to game. Just give us a call, tell us what you need, and we’ll be assessing what to do with your lawn to be in its best shape.

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