Springtime Lawn Care is Here!

Homeowners are amazed at how fast their lawn can go from looking like a plate of old pasta one week to a field full of dandelions the next. But this isn’t a cause for despair as long as they connect Lawn Care of Lexington for their springtime lawn care.

About Weed and Dandelion Control

Springtime Lawn Care There are several ways to effective weed control. If the lawn is new and has never been sprayed by herbicides or pesticides, one type of weed control is to simply eat them. A surprising number of weeds are edible, and dandelions are among the most nutritious. Every part of the plant is edible, and the homeowner should feel free to go out and pick a mess of them for soups and salads. Dry the roots to use in a nice, liver-cleansing herbal tea. Other perfectly edible weeds are plantain and sheep sorrel.

But many homeowners do not particularly want to eat the weeds in their yard and may have already treated their yards besides. Our company is pleased to offer dandelion control techniques including pre-emergent herbicides that kill seedlings before they can emerge. This is best applied in the earliest part of the season. The herbicide is good for controlling other broad-leafed weeds, whether they’re edible or not.

Lawn Mowing

A surprising number of homeowners think they know how to mow their lawn, but they actually don’t. Even a lawn that has been allowed to get a little over lush shouldn’t be cut more than one-third of the height of the grass blade. Taking more than that off at a time stresses the grass. It’s also a good idea to let the grass grow taller than some homeowners might prefer. Tall grass tends to have stronger and deeper roots, which makes it a bit more drought resistant. It also shades out weeds.

Another thing to remember about lawn mowing is that the mower blades need to be sharp and balanced. If they aren’t, they’ll only crush the grass, which also traumatizes it and makes it attractive to pests and pathogens. If a customer is a bit nervous about messing about with the blades and other components of their lawn mower, our professionals are happy to do so.


A lawn doesn’t need to be fertilized as often as a homeowner believes. Not only that, some types of grass don’t need too much fertilizer to look their best. This is especially true if grass clippings are left on the lawn after mowing. In our part of the country, spring is the best time to give the grass its first feeding. Lawn seed is best applied after the lawn is watered, then it’s lightly watered again to make sure that all of the fertilizer is washed off the grass blades and gets into the soil.

Other springtime lawn care services we perform are aerating your lawn, removing thatch and cleaning debris such as fallen leaves and twigs. Don’t forget Lawn Care of Lexington in the fall and winter, when it will be time to overseed those bare patches of the lawn for next spring’s growth.

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