Tree & Shrub Trimming Service

This is a picture of trees and shrubs.At Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service, we not only bring you one of the best in lawn care companies in the city but also aim to ensure that you have the services available to treat the entirety of your landscaping with one phone call.

We have the capability to treat any form of greenery on your yard, from trees to shrubs, hedges and more, in order to bring you a series of services you can depend on for your yard.

Tree Trimming

Proper tree trimming services can bring you a series of benefits across the life of your trees and the look of your property. With the right trimming services, you have the means to bring proper weight reduction, vista trimming, canopy lowering and so much more.

Whatever the objective when it comes to your property’s trees, you can count on our experts to bring you the same level of care and capability as we do with any of our lawn care services. With our assistance, you have a one call solution to the needs of your entire property.

Hedge & Shrub Trimming

Proper hedge trimming and shrub trimming not only provides a better overall aesthetic appearance to these growths, but also ensure that you have the necessary services brought to promote their overall health, and to make it so that they can better grow on your property. We bring you the specialized skills needed to protect your hedges and shrubs from burn, to provide them with a beautiful finish, and to give you the expert touch needed to give them the best chances at a long and healthy life.

Whatever the size or placement, we have your needs covered when it comes to effective trimming.

Hedge & Shrub Removal

If you’ve been considering changing the overall layout and design of your landscaping, then you may find yourself looking for a professional service to bring hedge and shrub removal. The experts at Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service have the capability to properly diagnose the health and needs of your shrubs and more, and to provide you with the results that will best work for your lawn.

Whether you need to move the placement of these items, or to have them removed completely, you can be sure that your local lawn care services professionals have the means to bring you results.

Beautifying Your Property

Every service that we undertake on your property is for the benefit of its health and overall appearance. Whether you need a professional touch on your lawn, trees, hedges or shrubs, you can be sure that we continually bring you the highest level of expertise, and the necessary experience behind our services in order to provide the best possible results.

All of this we bring while maintaining our dedication to affordable services and to always exceeding the expectations of our clients. When you need the best in the city, you need the professional touch of Lexington’s Premier Lawn Care Service.